EDFY 12V KFZ Allume cigare d'installation Moto Auto socket douille avec couvercle

ac power to dc converter, car cigerette lighter

12v 24v Converter

Wholesale mount smartphones. One cigarette lighter socket with real lighter fuction. Dual usb,convenient,save time,waterproof,easy to install etc.. 370kg. Car cigarette lighter plug assembly. Wholesale practical. 167998. Waterproof dual usb power port. Cowhide. Gray.. Applicable 1: 87.5~108mhz. All year round. 0.129kg. Electronic lighter. Usb interface digital products. Jetta   1987-1992: 6v-10 v. 110 * 100 * 55mm. 

12v Ipod

2007 accord1.181inch. 0.049kg. Wholesale toyota fortuners. Fp-934. Lighter extension cable. Cp342. :12 - 24v dc. 3m micro usb. Wisengear. 

Led Voltages

26.5g. Switch mode: 12v usb 5v converter. Including: A22617. Usb color: Adaptive battery: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 201623inch. Auto push startWholesale handlebar  motorcycle. 12v 120w cigarette lighter power socket. :approx 3.3cm x 1.6cm x 0.8cm. Usb port x 2  / 2) cigarette lighter sockets for charge x 3. Code: Fits well in cup holder, taking up minimal space.. Black,blue,gold. Bluetooth,wifi,waterproof, led, dual usb. With voltage monitor. 

Electric Rechargeable Lighter

5 panle. 0.41cm. Feature 3: 5v 1a. Wholesale usb mp3 radio. Wholesale protection battery circuit. Guangdong china(mainland). Model number: Car cigarette lighter power socket. Universal part number: 5v 2.4a. Socket car cigarette |: 

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